An industry leader in specialty industrial lubricants

Beacon Lubricants, Inc. manufactures and distributes a wide range of high-quality oils and greases. We specialize in the custom blending of industrial products and metalworking fluids. We are an industry leader of single-source industrial maintenance oils, gear lubricants, automotive oils, and greases. Contact us to learn more about our products or request a quote today.
Hours of operation - Monday-Friday 7:00AM-4:00PM

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Technical and Safety Data Sheets

We are continuously in the middle of updating our technical and safety data sheets to ensure they meet OSHA and GHS regulations.
specialty industrial oils and greases

Why Choose Beacon Lubricants

  1. Beacon Lubricants offers emergency same day deliveries, with most orders being filled within 48 hours.

  2. All of our products are available in bulk quantities as well as 55-gallon drums, 16-gallon kegs, 5-gallon pails, gallon, quart, and pint packaging for specialty products. If volume warrants, Beacon Lubricants, Inc. will install and maintain bulk storage tanks.

  3. As a leader in premium, specialty industrial lubricants, Beacon Lubricants, Inc. is continually researching to improve the quality of every product we offer, in an effort to expand the list of products we provide.

  4. Beacon Lubricants, Inc. is centrally located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, 20 miles South of Erie, PA, with easy access to Interstates 79 and 90.


Great products, zero oil-related part failures in racing conditions.

Chris M.