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Product Application
Signal Air Tool Oils are specially formulated for use in all types of air tool equipment such as rock drills, jackhammers, stoppers, drifters, wagon drills, chippers, tampers, riveters, and pavement breakers. Signal Air Tool Oils incorporate technology that allows for emulsification as well as an inherent "tackiness" that prevents water from "wetting" metal surfaces and or displacing the lubricant. This property enables the air tools to remain "frost free" under normal operating conditions.
Meets or exceeds: Gardner Denver Company Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company Joy Manufacturing Company Ingersoll-Rand Bostitch
Package Size
55 gal drum, 5 gal pail, 2.5 gal jug
Features & Advantages
Extreme pressure properties Excellent rust protection Maintains proper viscosity over a wide range of temperatures Excellent wash off resistance
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