Product Application
Beacon Lubricants Signal Trac TH Fluid is a high performance commercial grade multipurpose tractor lubricant engineered to meet or exceed transmission, wet clutch and hydraulic fluid requirements. The cutting edge technology in Signal Trac TH Fluid is designed to optimize the operating performance of all types of agricultural, commercial tractors and excavating equipment operating in a vast range of climates and conditions. Signal Trac TH Fluid utilizes the latest technology in select base stocks and additive componentry to deliver the most advanced lubricant performance properties required in severe duty applications. Signal Trac TH Fluid incorporates this technology to provide the necessary wear and protection, thermal stability, shear stability, rust and corrosion inhibition, water tolerance, friction control and pump ability over a wide temperature operation range necessary in today?s power train transmissions, PTO?s, hydraulic systems, drive axles and clutches.
Package Size
Bulk, Drums, Pails
Features & Advantages
*Excellent low temperature properties *Excellent thermal; oxidation stability *Enhanced frictional properties *Multiuse capability *Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties *Water tolerance and excellent filterability *Compatible with latest clutching equipment, while maintaining all backward compatible abilities.
Technical Data Sheet
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