Product Application
Beacon Lubricants Extreme Blue Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils are premium synthetic blend multi-viscosity high detergent heavy duty extended life hydraulic oils developed to exceed the requirements of modern high output hydraulic systems. Beacon Lubricants Extreme Blue Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils are designed to provide excellent oxidation, mechanical and thermal stability, allowing for extended life while mitigating oxidation varnish deposit formation. This high level of cleanliness provides the necessary medium for proper operation and functionality of critical hydraulic system components such as tight tolerance servo valves found in computer numerical controlled (CNC) equipment to proportional valves found it many modern hydraulic systems. Extreme Blue Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils is compounded with the latest exacting technology in additive structure and selective synthetic blended base stocks to ensure a shear stable, high viscosity index product that allows for operation over a wide and varied temperature range, maintaining maximum hydraulic efficiency and critical component protection from the entire climate spectrum.
Package Size
Bulk, Drums, Pails
Features & Advantages
*Superior low temperature flow capabilities *Ability to maintain proper viscosity at high temperatures *Excellent oxidation and rust protection *Excellent anti-foaming properties
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