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Industrial Gear EP Oils are a premium, extreme pressure fortified, heavy duty, high load, friction modified industrial gear lubricants developed for use in all types of enclosed gear sets with either circulatory or splash type lubricants systems. Industrial Gear EP Oils are formulated with high VI full bodied hydro treated base stocks then blended with the latest cutting edge extreme pressure additives to provide for a superior quality industrial gear lubricant. Industrial Gear EP Oils are engineered to excel in the lubrication of helical, worm, industrial spur and bevel enclosed gear sets in ambient temperatures ranging from O?C-120?C. They provide for outstanding lubrication in highly loaded gear-sets subjected to sustain or highly shock loaded applications.
SEB: 18226 U.S. Steel 224 AGMA 9005 ? EO2 DIN 51517-3: 2009-06 ISO 12925-1 Typ David Brown S1.53.10 Type E API GL-1, GL-4
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Bulk, Drums, Pails
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