Product Application
Signal Chiller Fluid XL Concentrate is an industrial grade, extended life, inhibited ethylene glycol based machine tool heat transfer fluid. It is formulated with technical grade stable ethylene glycol base stocks and further enhanced with cutting edge corrosion inhibitors and acid neutralizing agents thus providing for excellent foam protection. Signal Chiller Fluid XL Concentrate is formulated for use in areas where the highest degree of heat transfer and corrosion protection is required. This includes machine tool spindle coolant systems, process heating and cooling transfer systems as well as closed loop water based HVAC. Use only distilled and or deionized water to dilute into solution. Do not exceed 70% water.
Package Size
Drums, Pails, 2 ? gallon
Features & Advantages
*Easily distinguished by blue dyed product for visual and leak detection purposes *Special corrosion inhibitors formulated for extended protection against rust and corrosion *Formulated to be safe for use in all types of systems contacting all types of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous *Excellent heat transfer capabilities thus ensuring maximum machine efficiency
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
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