Product Application
Beacon Signal Kleen 603 is a heavy duty industrial grade water based concentrated alkaline degreasing/cleaning agent developed to provide an excellent medium for degreasing and oil solubilizing in all types of industrial and commercial applications. Signal Kleen 603 is specially formulated with enhanced degreasing technology enabling the product to mix to a complete, low foaming, pleasant odor, stable grease cutting solution in both hard and soft water. It is a versatile cleaner which easily dilutes to desired concentration.
Appearance: Orange Odor: Citrus Odor threshold: N/A PH: 12.5 ? 13.8 Melting/Freezing pointing: ~ -3?C (26.6?F) Boiling point and boiling range: >100?C (212?F)
Package Size
Bulk, Drums, Pails
Features & Advantages
*Pleasant citrus odor *Solubilizes oils and greases on contact *Versatile cleaner easily dilute to desired concentration *Formulated for all industrial degreasing applications *Easily diluted with hard and/or soft water
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