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Product Application
Signal Tap XS Fluid is a state of the art, high performance tapping fluid formulated for the most severe while improving threading accuracy, extends tool life, improves surface finishes and increased production. Signal Tap XS is suggested for use on most metals, including aluminum, titanium, and steel. It is especially effective on difficult-to-machine metals such as stainless steel and aerospace alloys.
Used straight, Signal Tap XS should be applied directly to tool/workpiece interface from a spout-top can or other applicator. Used as an additive with straight cutting oils, it should be poured into a high agitation area in the machine sump. Signal Tap XS is recommended for use on most metals including aluminum, titanium, and steel. It can stain copper or copper alloys if not removed following use. This product is not water soluble and should not be mixed with water soluble oils or synthetic coolants.
Package Size
Drums, Pails, Quarts
Features & Advantages
*Outstanding thermal and chemical stability means improved threading performance. This resistance to breakdown allows adherence to closer tolerances and provides smoother, more accurate threads. *The molybdenum disulfide withstands pressures up to 400,000 psi, which is beyond the yield point of any known metal. This reduces metal-to-metal contact and results in longer tool life. *Contains selected extreme pressure additives, including sulfur and MoS2 that promote optimum metal cutting performance and improved surface finishes. *The synergistic combination of friction reducing lubricants and chemical activity permits faster speeds and increases production.
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