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Product Application
Spindle Oils are premium extended life turbine grade products designed for the lubrication of high speed spindle bearings in machine tool equipment. They are formulated from the highest grade hydro-treated light viscosity base stocks compounded with the latest technology in additive componentry to provide excellent resistance to thermal and oxidative breakdown, while providing excellent rust and corrosion protection. Spindle Oils provide excellent lubrication of exacting close tolerance bearing which keep spindles running cool allowing for proper operation of precision machine tools.
Package Size
Bulk, Drums, Pails
Features & Advantages
Cincinnati Machine P-65, Spindle Oil 2 Cincinnati Machine P-62, Spindle Oil 10 Cincinnati Machine P-45, Spindle Oil 15 Cincinnati Machine P-45, Spindle Oil 22 *Excellent anti foam characteristics *Turbine grade extended life base stock *Filtered to a cleanliness of 1 micron * Excellent water demulsibility *Capable of misting applications
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