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Product Application
Signal Cut 111 is a multi-faceted cutting edge extended life oil rejecting operator friendly semi-synthetic coolant. This product is designed for general purpose machining and grinding operations on ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Signal Cut 111 is formulated with the latest technology to provide the most efficient tool life under the most adverse conditions while doing so incorporating advanced chemistry to perform as a bio-stable product thus greatly increasing sump life. Signal Cut 111 is environmentally safe and contains no chlorine, nitrites, heavy metals, phenols or diethanolamines. It incorporates a delicate balance of mild PH modifiers and coupling detergents to ensure that it is gentle on the operator?s skin as well as providing an exceptionally clean trouble free performance. Additionally it is free of sticky residues, rust and corrosion, allowing for unimpeded efficiency and performance.
Grinding 2-3% (50:1 to 30:1) Milling, turning, drilling, sawing 3-4% (30:1 to 25:1) Broaching, tapping, boring 4-5% (25:1 to 20:1)
Package Size
Bulk, Drums, Pails
Features & Advantages
*Excellent microbial control ? extended sump life *Complete oil rejecting capabilities (tramp oils) *Provides excellent corrosion control *General purpose usage *Provides unequaled extreme pressure properties *Operator friendly, easy to mix, mild to skin *Non-foaming
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