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Product Application
Beacon Signal Cut 181 is a high quality heavy-duty water miscible semi-synthetic metalworking fluid designed for use over a wide and varying water hardness range. It is fortified to provide excellent machining for the most difficult to machine materials, ferrous and nonferrous and the like from turning, milling, and drilling, sawing and grinding applications. Signal Cut 181 is formulated with the latest exacting technology to provide a tightly bonded stable micro-emulsion capable of operating in excessively high oil sump situations thus allowing for the most efficient tool life under the most adverse conditions while doing so incorporating advanced chemistry to provide extended fluid life and inhibit microbial growth and provide excellent corrosion protection without leaving sticky residues behind. *Signal Cut 181 is environmentally conscious fluid that contains no chlorine, nitrites, heavy metals, phenols or diethanolamines.
Grinding 2-3% (50:1 to 30:1) Milling, turning, drilling, sawing 3-4% (30:1 to 25:1) Broaching, tapping, boring 4-5% (25:1 to 20:1)
Package Size
Drums, Pails
Features & Advantages
*Excellent microbial resistance, increased sump life *Non-foaming and non-misting performance *Oil rejecting capabilities (effluent oils) *Improved protection against chip buildup and tool face wear *provides excellent rust and corrosion protection *Provides unequaled extreme pressure properties *Exceptionally clean fluid leaves no sticky residue on parts *Wide application range
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