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Product Application
Beacon Signal Cut 329 is an environmentally conscious state of the art low odor mineral synthetic blend cutting fluid formulated for the most demanding machining applications such as but not limited to tapping, threading, broaching, gear hobbing and other like metal forming operations. Signal Cut 329 is formulated utilizing the latest high quality pure base stocks and select chlorine and phosphorus free environmentally conscious additives to effectively provide the necessary medium for excellent machining performance in any and all modern heavy duty machining applications. Because this product utilizes active sulfur technology it may discolor copper and its alloys and normally should not be used in machining these metals if staining is objectionable.
Package Size
Totes, Bulk, Drums, Pails, 2 1/2
Features & Advantages
*Carbide tooling compatible *Excellent machining performance *Mist suppressant minimizes fogging/stray mist *May be blended with mineral oil for high or lower viscosity *Prevents rapid tool wear
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