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Product Application
Beacon Signal Cut 401S-B is a state of the art specially formulated biodegradable synthetic ester cutting fluid developed for oil mist lubricant systems. It is designed to excel in the machining of aluminum and its various alloys. Signal Cut 401S-B possesses superior low friction properties while containing no active sulfur thus making it an excellent choice for screw cutting lathes and other cutting machinery for which the manufacturer recommends a single functional product either mist or flood. Beacon Single Cut 401S-B is versatile dynamic cutting fluid ideally suited for the vigor?s of industrial application but still allowing ease of use for the hobbyist.
Package Size
Bulk, Drums, Pails
Features & Advantages
*Moderate to heavy-duty *Non-staining, burns off cleanly in post heat treating *Moderate-duty milling, drilling, tapping and punching *Thru-tool applications *Heat treating *Easy to clean up
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