Product Application
Beacon Anti-Rust 156 is premium quality transparent lightly colored water displacing nonstaining rust and corrosion preventative. It is formulated using the latest approved technology in light-bodied oils and hydro treated solvents blended with polar corrosion inhibitors, water displacing and finger print neutralizing agents. Anti-Rust 156 is well suited for the thin film protection of parts between machining where water based coolants has been used. It has a light viscosity which assures adequate coverage of metal surfaces while allowing excess fluid to drain rapidly thus allowing for a smooth efficient application. Beacon Anti-Rust 156 is an excellent light bodied rust and corrosion preventative for finished parts in dry storage or for adequately covered or bagged transport.
Military Specifications PRF16173E Military Specifications MIL-C-15074E
Package Size
Bulk, Drums, Pails
Theoretical Coverage
3,500 sq. ft. /gallon
Corrosion Test Results
ASTM B-117 5 % salt spray (hours) 116 ASTM D-1748 100 % relative humidity (hours) 1825
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
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