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Product Application
Signal Hydro-Lube Concentrate is an industrial grade synthetic water additive specifically designed to meet the needs of central water lubricating systems using hydraulic reciprocating plunger or multi-stage gear pumps. Under normal operating conditions ratios of 2-5% solutions are suitable, however in extreme conditions product is stable at 10% solution. When this product is used as recommended it is readily dispersible in hard and soft water and provides excellent corrosion inhabitation and critical acid buffering.
Package Size
Drums, Pails, 2 ? gallon
Features & Advantages
*At the recommended concentration the polar synthetic components in the product provides a film on metal surfaces that effectively reduces friction and provides protection against aqueous corrosion. *Easily distinguished by blue dyed product for visual and leak detection purposes. *Product is completely compatible with conventional diluted soluble oils and glycol derivatives for ease of conversion. *Refractometer reading 2.0 for optimal performance.
Technical Data Sheet
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